SSP kits for determination of KIR genotypes and their HLA ligands

Natural killer cells (NK) and some T lymphocytes have killer-cell immunoglobulin like receptors (KIRs) on their cell surface. The genetic region of the KIR receptors is characterized by a high variability. Defined HLA class I molecules could be identified as ligands for single KIR receptors.

In bone marrow transplantations, a certain disparity of KIR/HLA can influence the outcome of the transplantation. Furthermore, there are associations between particular KIR Genotypes and autoimmune diseases (e.g psoriasis) and a slower progression of an AIDS disease.

The KIR TYPE kit allows genotyping of 14 KIR Genes plus 2 Pseudogenes.
The Epitop-TYPE kit recognizes the alleles with the HLA specificities HLA-Cw Asn80,, HLA-Cw Lys80, HLA-B Bw4Threo, HLA-B Bw4Iso and HLA-A Bw4.

IFU-KIR-Epitop-TYPE-V12-2017-EN (pdf)


Product Description Package REF
KIR TYPE 20 PCR Mixes 10 Tests 7105 0
EPITOP TYPE 5 PCR Mixex 10 Tests 7106 0