Automation with the MR.SPOT® Processor

Automation with the MR.SPOT® ProcessorThe MR.SPOT® Processor is designed for the automation of the test procedure for the HISTO SPOT® SSO and ERY SPOT® SSO kits. The standardised process guarantees high precision and fast results and thus makes your life easier.

The MR.SPOT® Processor runs the whole assay from amplicon to results. Due to fully automated washing and pipetting mistakes are avoided and reproducible results are guaranteed. The handling of this plug and play instrument following the step by step instructions on the touchscreen is very easy.

Finally, the MR.SPOT® Processor automatically records the results with an integrated camera and transfers the images to the HISTO MATCH software for convenient interpretation.

One platform – many different applications

The platfrom can be used for many different tests. We offer the full panel of:

  •  Genetic HLA-typing kits (A, B, C, DR, DQ, DP)
  •  Genetic blood group typing kits (RHD, KEL, JK, FY, MNS, LU, DO, CO, DI, VEL and more)
  •  Coming soon: HLA antibody testing based on recombinant single antigens (class I and class II)
  • .


The platform is made to fit your needs, depending on your daily turnover.

One run comprises between 1 and 96 tests and you have the option to start 3 runs per day with any combination of genetic HLA and blood group typing tests.



Simple step by step instructions on the touchscreen