HISTO SPOT® SSO System - Most Automated HLA Typing System

Convenient, automated and reliable HLA typing with HISTO SPOT® SSO

For every application the optimal solution – choose the most suitable combination of HISTO SPOT® kits for your requirements regarding resolution and throughput:


An automated and cost effective solution for high throughput and low to allele level (2nd field) resolution for Common alleles.


Flexible high resolution typing with supplement tests for the HISTO SPOT 4D kits – a good alternative to high resolution SSP! These kits enable an unambiuous differentiation of the common and well documented alleles from the CWD2.0.0 catalogue.

HISTO SPOT® On Call Typingkit

Combi strips for on-call typing with pre-dried primers and a simplified workflow in the HISTO MATCH software.

Products Package REF
HISTO SPOT® A 4D 96 Tests 726010
HISTO SPOT® A Xtend 24 Tests 726011
HISTO SPOT® B 4D 96 Tests 726020
HISTO SPOT® B Xtend 24 Tests 726021
HISTO SPOT® C 4D 96 Tests 726030
HISTO SPOT® DRB1 4D 96 Tests 726040
HISTO SPOT® DRB1 Xtend 24 Tests 726041
HISTO SPOT® DRB3/4/5 24 Tests 726045
HISTO SPOT® DQB1 4D / DQA1 96 Tests 726051
HISTO SPOT® DPB1 96 Tests 726060
HISTO SPOT® DPB1 24 Tests 726061
HISTO SPOT® Coeliac Disease 48 Tests 726071
HISTO SPOT® On-call Typing Kit 10 Tests 726070
HISTO SPOT® Reagent Kit 96 Tests 726098
Products Package REF
MR.SPOT® Processor 726100
MR.SPOT® All-in-one PC 1 726101
Products Package REF
HISTO SPOT® Conjugate 40 µl 726202
HISTO SPOT® Blocking Buffer 80 ml 726201
HISTO SPOT® TBS Wash Buffer 100 ml 726094
HISTO SPOT® Stringent Wash Buffer 100 ml 726093
HISTO SPOT® Hybridization Buffer 40 ml 726092
HISTO SPOT® Substrate 36 ml 726091
HISTO SPOT® Mastermix A (on request) 1100 µl 726080
HISTO SPOT® Mastermix B (on request) 1100 µl 726081
HISTO SPOT® Mastermix C (on request) 1100 µl 726083
HISTO SPOT® Mastermix DRB1 (on request) 1100 µl 726084
HISTO SPOT® Mastermix DQ (on request) 1100 µl 726082
HISTO SPOT® Mastermix DPB1 (on request) 1100 µl 726086
HISTO SPOT® Mastermix DRB3/4/5 (on request) 330 µl 726204
HISTO SPOT® Mastermix Coeliac Disease (on request) 650 µl 726203
HISTO SPOT® Magnesium Chloride 600 µl 726087
Products Package REF
HISTO SPOT® Pipette Tips 1000µl 960 Pcs. 726099
HISTO SPOT® Pipette Tips 200µl 960 Pcs. 726097
HISTO SPOT® PCR Caps 25×12 Strips 726090
HISTO SPOT® PCR Foil 25 Pcs. 726089
HISTO SPOT® PCR Frameplates 25 Pcs. 726220